Using multiple queries in Webi

Can we combine the results from multiple universes/queries in the same block (table/crosstab/chart) in the webi report ?

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You can use multiple queries in Webi same as in Deski. You can do so, by creating Query 1 from the first source (universe). Go to the Query Panel and click on add Queries. This would ask you whether you wanna create your second query on the same universe or on another universe.

After building the two queries, you would go the Edit report and Merge the dimensions which are common.

And you can pull the data from the two queries into a single table.

Fisrt answer solves your most queries but one thing I would like to mention is you will be only able to pull all the dimensions from one query plus measures from both queries and merged dimensions but what about dimensions from second query which are not merged with any dimension of first query. One workaround is you can change those dimension of second query to Detail object type and pull them in the table, this will give you complete set. 

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