Differences between Deski and Webi XI

Can anybody list what are all the differences between the Desktop Intelligence and Web Intelligence in XIR2?

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Deski Reports: These are standard .rep files created from the full client (Desktop Intelligence) and these reports can be built using all the tools/options available in BO.
These deski reports can be viewed in the Infoview/Web Intelligence but cannot be modified.

Webi Reports:These are .wid files created using the WEBI XI, and these reports can use limited tools/options available in BO(ref. comparison document on the BO website for complete difference on Webi and Deski reports).These reports can be built and viewed and modified/created using Infoview/Web Intelligence.


  • Feb 13th, 2008

In deski is working with a repository,webi is working in online . user defined objects in deski ,no user objects in webi .

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  • Mar 27th, 2008

There are some more differences are there such as
1.In deski userdefined groups,user defined objects,user defined heirarchies,slice and dice,templetes,multiple dataprovider ,online and off line modes are there and some formula differences are there

2.In webi there is no this options

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  • Apr 8th, 2008

DI :1)not more interactive
      2)u need universe in ur local system..otherwise import from the repositary server
      3)need BO software client version in ur local system.

wI :opposite to above and we need only server path to generate WI reports
       need to maintain good intra -net service
       no need to install any BO software ...because we can work with repository server

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In Deski User defind objects are there but in Webi there is no User defined objects if you create variable and formulas
In Deski Undo operation is perform many time but in Webi it will perform only one time

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