Teradata performance tuning and optimization

What is an optimization and performance tuning and how does it really work in practical projects. can i get any example to better understand.

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Optimization of queries improves performance of TD and helps the PE to generate the most efficient execution plan. To Optimize a query, choose the Primary Index to avoid skrew, Collect statistics on the joining columns, avoid using CAST, SUBSTR, CASE, POSITION, as these functions consumes a lot of resource. If two huge tables are joined almost regularly, create Joined Index.

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  • May 22nd, 2013

Performance tuning:
1. Look at the plan generated by PE.
2. Check for the recommendations of stats to be collected for the columns.
3. Try to avoid product joins and unnecessary joins.
4. Try to avoid casting in join conditions
5. Use secondary index appropriately.
6. Use join index if necessary.

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