Difference between the Validation& Verification(V&V) and Test Evaluation(TE)

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Generally we can define the differences for Validation and Verification in two ways.

Difference 1: Verification comes under Quality Assurance group (QAG). And Validation comes under Quality Control (QC).

Difference 2: Generally a tester will not involve in the verification. A tester will always does the Validation only.

Test Evaluation: Is the Plan to execute the Test cases and reporting the bugs/issues/defect found.

Please anyone correct me if I am wrong.


  • Apr 19th, 2008

Verification: It is the process of checking or testing of all the items including the software for consistency and conformance by evaluating the results against the pre-specified requirements.
Are we building the system right?
Validation: It is the process of checking that what has been specified is what the user actually wanted.
Are we building the right system?

Verification is always done on documents .For example walk trough,inspection and review comes under verification.
In V-model review on SRS,review on Design and analysys are comes under verification.
Verification is to check whether we r building right system or not?

Validation is process of checking  whether our system is doing right things or not?
Unit testing,Integration testing,system testing ,UAT come under validation process.


  • Jun 10th, 2008

VERIFICATION: To determine whether it meets the requirements. Is the deliverablebuilt according to the specification? VALIDATION:   To determine whether it meets the user needs ---Is the deliverable Fit  for purpose?. 

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  • Feb 6th, 2009

It is a process that makes sure that software product is developed in the right way means that develped software should meet its specifications defined at the starting of the SDLC phase. Software development is done in  different stages, an analysis is done to ensure that all required specifications are met for each phase.

It can be done using reviews and meetings to evaluate the project documents like design document , Test plans, code review, project specifications, other design documents etc
Its a Software Quality Assurance
It assures that are we building the product right.

It is a process that makes sure that developed product meets the customer requirements/end user needs.
It involves actual testing of the product/application
It assures that are we building the right product.

Test Evaluation
It is a document to estimate and analyze the testing process.
How many test cases designed /how many executed/how many passed/how many failed/ what are defect/how many defect fixed/ etc

Nagaraja goud E

Verification and validation is a form of testing that defense against error prone software development and
maintenance process.
Verification and validation are not the same, verification shows
conformance with the specifications and validation shows that the program meets the customer's need

Verification :
is a type of static testing as software inspection is
convened with analysis of the static system representation to discover problems.
Formal approach to document reviews
Intended explicitly for defect detection but not correction
Cannot check non functional characteristics such as performance, usability etc.
Many defects can be discovered in single inspection
Verification can be done on Requirements, specifications, design docs, Code

Validation :  is a type of dynamic testing as software testing concerned with exercising and observing product behaviour
One defect may mask another defect so several executions are required
Intended explicitly for correction
Validation is done in actual application and may be done on Prototype

(Please rectify me if i am wrong on Prototype)
Hope this Info might
helpful to all of us

Verification :

It answers the question : "Is this the right specification?"

It is generally done during : 'System Testing' phase

Validation :

It answers the question : "Is the system right to specification?"

It is generally done during : 'Acceptance Testing' phase

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Verification : Verification is the process in which we just have to check wheather the devloping project/product being in right manner or not .


Validation : Validation is the process to check wheather the devloped product is matched the requirement or not .

Ex : Testing


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  • Jan 7th, 2015

as per my knowledge, QA means Verification and QC means Validation , as validation comes after the verification, so testers are responsible for verification as well as validation. Verification is before software/product developed used for spec analysis, walk through and inspection. validation done after product/component/software developed, involves the validating the product developed.

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  • Jan 29th, 2015

Verification : Developing the right product as per design. Testing only positive scenarios.

Validation : Developing the product right as per design based on the requirements. Testing both positive and negative scenarios.

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  • Mar 23rd, 2015

It seems that both are similar according to your answer.

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  • Apr 4th, 2015

In simple words verification means.... are we developing the application in right manner or not?
validation means did we developed the right appliction or not. ex: functionality testing, usability testing, sanity testing

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  • Apr 16th, 2015

It seems identical but main different between verification and validation is verification is always as Process to Validation i.e 18 years people are allowed for vote is as verification and 18 years People are voted is validation.

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vinod kumar

  • May 4th, 2015

verification means review the document means once you write test cases ,that cases check by managers or leads
validation means detail testing

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  • Jun 9th, 2015

Verification : To develop a quality product VERIFICATION is done.
Validation : To check whether the developed product is correct or not VALIDATION is done.

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Soumyabrata Sen

  • Aug 27th, 2015

Validation: Am I doing the right thing?
Verification: Have I done the right thing?

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Archana Sharma

  • Sep 3rd, 2015

Validation is to validate that the software which we are building or developing is correct or not.

Verification is the process in which we verifies that the built / developed software is correct or not

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  • Jun 30th, 2016

1) The process of evaluating documents of a development phase.
2) Ensures that work product meet their specified requirements.
3) Are we building the product right?

1) The process of evaluating the software application at the end of the development process.
2) Demonstrates that the product full fills its intended use when place in its intended environment.
3) Are we building the right product?

Test Evaluation:
The process of executing the test cases and reporting the found bug.

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