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How many types of sales orders are there in order management. What are they?

Asked by: shravanam | Member Since Aug-2007 | Asked on: Nov 20th, 2007

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Answered On : Dec 1st, 2007

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3 Types of Sales Order are Available. They are:1.Standard Sales Order2.Mixed Sales Order3.Return Sales OrderIn Standard Sales Order we have1.Back to Back2.Drop ShipmentInternal Sales Order are raised within an Organization

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Richa Aggarwal

Answered On : Aug 18th, 2010

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There are various types of sales orders in order management which are as follows:-1. Standard Order2. Book and Bill 3. Expense Order4. Demonstration order5. CEU orders, i.e., Customer Evaluation order6. Internal order7. Finance Order8. Master order9. Site order10. RMA with credit10. RMA without credit11. RMA non inventory12. Rebill13. RMA no creditApart from these, we have Back to back orders and Drop Shipped.Types of orders also depends on the customization of the organization as well.

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