How many types of sales orders are there in order management. What are they?

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  • Dec 1st, 2007

3 Types of Sales Order are Available. They are:
1.Standard Sales Order
2.Mixed Sales Order
3.Return Sales Order

In Standard Sales Order we have

1.Back to Back
2.Drop Shipment

Internal Sales Order are raised within an Organization

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There are various types of sales orders in order management which are as follows:-

1. Standard Order
2. Book and Bill
3. Expense Order
4. Demonstration order
5. CEU orders, i.e., Customer Evaluation order
6. Internal order
7. Finance Order
8. Master order
9. Site order
10. RMA with credit
10. RMA without credit
11. RMA non inventory
12. Rebill
13. RMA no credit

Apart from these, we have Back to back orders and Drop Shipped.
Types of orders also depends on the customization of the organization as well.

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