What are the things to consider while testing ETL ?

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  • Feb 23rd, 2008

the process of Testing the web based application and ETL application is quit diffrent.the major difference is in web based application we test the GUI part of the applicaytion as well as the main functional tesitng.but as it in ETL first
we have to understand the source structure like ,how many records are comming from source and how many records are loaded in to the target this is the basic motivation for testing the ETL. then how many records are rejecting and waht is the reason for rejecting.

second,we have to test the Back-end data driven test.

we have to test ETL components by execuitng SQL,PL/SQL queyries.

we have to test the mapping naming convertion is done with respect to SRS. 



  • Jul 23rd, 2009

Loading Performance
Error rate
Process Restart & recovery point
Statistics on how many row extracted, how many left in each staging and how many loaded into target data warehouse.

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Things to be considered :

1.Check we can get any the existing data`s
2.Check we can clean up the data`s
3.Check we can add new many datas
4.Check we can merge many data`s
5.Check for the limitation of the data`s
6.Check for the security purpose of using data`s
7.Check whether it is overlimited how much time we needed to get from the extaction

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