What are Spooling files?Major difference between party tables and non party tables? What are the entities of party and non party

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Siebel has three tier architechture with DB as a third party DB.  All the queries used to retrieve data from the DB either if you open the application and change the data in the UI or any new data created is done only through SQL queries. These SQL queries used by siebel can be stored in a text file called SPOOL file.  To make a spool file all you have to do is right click on siebel shortcut on the desktop-> properties.  At the target it will be pointing to the siebel.exe.  after the siebel.exe type ' /s and specify the location for the spool file. 


  • Feb 23rd, 2011

Party tables are those which hold the party data or those tables that are the implicit extension tables for the S_PARTY table. 


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