What is the difference between Session task and Command task?

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Session task: A session task is associated with a mapping. It helps in running the
mapping. We need to specify the source and target connections etc in the Mapping tab and configure the properties according to the mapping and requirements.

Task: A command task is used to run shell scripts. These shell scripts can be used to check if the source file is there in Unix box or not and archiving the file after loading data etc. It can be used to generate extract files
also. These are just a few examples. Extra spaces in the command may result in failure of command task.

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gen ganesh

  • Feb 15th, 2018

Session is one of the task. Task may be session, shell command or email task. When we create task there will be drop down which task should be created.
A session is a type of task, similar to other tasks available in the Workflow Manager. A session is a set of instructions that tells the Integration Service how and when to move data from sources to targets.

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