How to provide ip address permanent by using DHCP Server?

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  • Jan 8th, 2008

For a pirticular system, we need to get the MAC Address. Then we will asign the MAC address to Specfic IP address in DHCP server. From this way we will provide the pemanent ip using DHCP Server.

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To Give perticular ip address to specific computer  by DHCP we have to note down the MAC address of that speceific pc by the follwing command click start-run-cmd then  press enter then write ipconfig/all in command line and press enter you will get the MAC address of the machine, note down that address. Then go to the DHCP Server click on start-administrative tools-DHCP(click on dhcp option) then doule click on dhcp server-double click on scope-then right click on Resevations-click on new reservation-fill the boxes with the name of the machine-define the ip address which you want to give that perticular machine,Fill MAC Address of that machine and then click on add button. then at restart the clinet machine and refresh the DHCP server machine the active the above settings.

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