What is the difference between emulator and simulator?

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simulator is just software which act like a hardware.inside that u can see all the electonics component ,u can connect thenm in different manner and can simulate o/p as well as normal hardware do.emulator is actual hardware before performing test on real kit we can test on emulator which is exact copy of real kit on which we r willing to work.


  • Jul 9th, 2009

Simulator: A software program impersonating a Hardware. Thus SIMULATING the scenarios faced in the original hardware.

Emulator: A Hardware (with or without software) impersonating another Hardware. Thus ELIMINATING the need for the original.


  • Aug 5th, 2014

In my opinion, I think, Simulator is the machine which the function is same as Remote Tools that is to manage, views, or upgrading the system or the performance(s).
Emulator is a machine that shows the weaknesses, power, file systems, etc. and it can use to execute, ReWrite permission(s), mount, etc. of one whole full systems.

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  • Apr 3rd, 2017

Simulator - It could simulate all the functional for the desire system

Emulator - It could replicate the entire system, Although we could use as another as similar system preferable.

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Sharief Momin

  • Jun 7th, 2017

Both are related to Tools. But Emulators are hardware tools which are copy of actual hardware. some emulators are on chip which will come along with hardware (Micro controller).
Simulators are software tools which will just check the functionality and does not give timing details as that of emulators

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