How to upload excel files into Quality Center using QTP Script and how to delete excel files from Quality Center using QTP Script?

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Uploading text or xml files to quality Center:--------------

Function UpLoadAttachmentToQC(FilePath)
Set ObjCurrentTest = QCUtil.CurrentTest.Attachments
Set ObjAttch = ObjCurrentTest.AddItem(Null)
ObjAttch.FileName = FilePath
ObjAttch.Type = 1
ObjAttch.Post ObjAttch.
End Function

Call UpLoadAttachmentToQC(FilePath) This works fine with Quality center 10.0 Version... but to achive the same task in Quality center 9.0 version ,we need to use ObjAttch.Save(True) Method also. This save method works fine with quality center 9.00 but not with 10.00 version. also i want the difference between save and post methods!!!!


  • Feb 23rd, 2012

Install the Execl Add in to the QC........

!open the excel u want to Export
!Click on the Add In Menu on the Excel
!Excel export option will come........

Provide the Respective path

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