What are the Characteristics of Servlets?

The characteristics of servlets that have gained them a wide spread acceptance are as follows:
1.Servlets are efficient:The initialization code for a servlet is executed only when the servlet is executed for the first time.Subsequently, the requests that are received by the servlet are processed by its service() method.This helps to increase the efficiency of the server by avoiding creation of unnecessary processes.
2.Servlets are robust:As servlets are based on Java,they provide all the powerful features of Java.such as exception handling and garbage collection,which make them robust.
3.Servlets are portable:Servlets are also portable because they are developed in Java.This enables easy poratability across Web servers.
4.Servlets are persistent:Servlets helps to increase the performance of the system by preventing frequent disk access.For ex.if a customer logs on to www.EarnestOnline.com, the customer can perform many activities,such as checking for the balance.applying for a aloan. And so on.Inevery stage the customer needs to be authenticated by checking for the account number against the database.Instead of checking for the account number against the database every time.servlets retain the account number in the memory till the user logs out of the Web site.

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To start with, servlets are small Java programs that run on the server side of a web program. 

Where as Applets are small Java programs that run on the client side.

Characterisctics of servlets are:
1) Servlets dont have graphical user interface.
2) Servlets call Enterprise Java Beans to perform business logic functions.
3) Servlets call Java Server Pages to perform page layout functions.
4) Servlets can also be considered as url.
5) The buttons or any other keys to be pressed(imagine) on your application will always be pointing to servlets.
6) Servlets call other servlets at times when there will case of dependencies for the task to be accomplished.
7) While the server is running, Server's can be dynamically reloaded.

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