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What is the cause for abend SOC9 and SOC2?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Jul 24th, 2007
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neha srivastav

Answered On : Jul 25th, 2007

 When we Try to access data outside your enclave (process), getting a SOC2 or S0C7 abend.

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S0C9 reasons:while trying to edit or browse a PS dataset with LRECL=0, the File Manager abends with S0C9S0C2 : PRIVILEGED OPERATION EXCEPTION                                 reasons :1. Unintensional branch to invalid instruction due to subscript error 2. Missing period at the end of paragraph or paragraph names      3. Missing GOBACK after SORT verb - Logic fell into INPUT PROCEDURE                                               4. ACCEPT verb executed when no SYSIN DD was available.

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