What is the difference between Bug Reporting and Bug Tracking?

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  • Jul 31st, 2007

Bug Reporting is the activity of posting a bug to the development team to fix it
Bug Tracking is the actvitiy of tracking the how many number of bugs were found, build wise, seviority wise and usecase wise and also we can say tracking the bugs according to the requirements convered under test cases.

Bug Reporting tools like, MQC, Test Directoer, Test Tracker, Defect Tracker, PVCS Tracker, Bugzilla are used to report the bugs and generate the reports weekly, build wise and bugs seviority and status wise to represent the management about the product quality

Let me know if I am wrong any where?

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  • Aug 22nd, 2007

Bug Reporting means:
Identify the bug and assign it to developer.

Bug Tracking means:
Whatever bug/issue you had logged,track those bug till those are closed.

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  • Nov 19th, 2007

Bug Reporting - When we find a bug or defect in the application we
will be reporting to the concerned people via the defect management tool for eg:
Quality Centre to fix that where we mention the severity and priority of that
particular bug with relevant documents.

Bug Tracking - It's the process of tracking the status of the bug
whether the status of the bug has changed or not and if so to take necessary
action for that related bug, For eg: the status of the bug has changed from
assigned to pending-retest, so if we keep track on that , then only we will be
able to know that we have to retest that particular bug.

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Bug Reporting: When we find a new bug we will file it in a reporting tool (ex
Test Director, Quality Center etc) with its Title/Description, steps to
reproduce, date of reporting, Tested by (reported by), Assigned to, Attachments
if any, severity, priority, build no, Module, test case number etc.

Bug Tracking : Bug Tracking is a process in which the status of bug is
traced, generally when a bug is find, tester will re-test it to make sure it is
reproducible and will raise the bug by adding its status to New / Open with
appropriate information and assign it to a particular developer or Manager/dev
Lead will assign to developers whenever they got new bug, developer change its
status to Under Assessment, and verifies whether it is a really a bug. If is it
not really a bug he will change the status to Reject and if it is a bug, he
makes sure whether it is a duplicate one, if yes changes status to Duplicate by
adding comments and then wait for the approval by the tester and tester will
verify it again, if it is duplicate he will close the bug. If the functionality
is not totally developed, developer will change the status to Deferred. If the
bug is a valid one, then developer will fix the bug and change the status to
fixed for verification, tester will do regression testing on new build and if
bug is fixed he will change the status to Test Passed and next close the bug, if
bug is not fixed he will change the status to Test Fail and re-assign to
developer, and this process will continue till the bug is fixed.


  • Aug 27th, 2009

Bug Reporting :
If you are reporting / entering any newly found bug in bug tracking system.

Bug Tracking :
Taking the TRACK of the BUG Status.

Nitin K Verma

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  • Oct 5th, 2009

Bug Reporting: Logging a defect/bug in any defect tracking tool with all the necessary details.
Bug Tracking: After logging the defect/bug, tracking the bug until the defect is closed is called bug tracking

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