Your customer does not have experience in writing Acceptance Test Plan. How will you do that in coordination with customer? What will be the contents of Acceptance Test Plan?

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  • May 18th, 2008

User acceptance testing is done to meet customer specifications i.e all required specifications given by the end user are met in the delivered product.

If customer does not have experience in writing  user acceptance test plan then you can guide them through the test plan contents which are very well defined in below mentioned link:

www . docstoc . com/docs/289746/User-Acceptance-Test-Plan

and moreover training is also required where such user exist. As this is not fair that you build a system and put it in front of end user to accept/test. You should provide suffcient training to validate the given system.


Now a days UAT is also doing by testing team, once the review of Requirements face was over, then immediate steps is preparing the UAT plan and UAT test cases.

User Acceptance Testing is a key feature of preparing for implementation; it provides a formal means for ensuring that a new system actually meets the necessary user requirements, from the user or customer's perspective.

So I can help to the client to prepare the UAT for below tasks

-> Sufficient degree of detail, for instance, on Help screens

-> Complete screens - all necessary information to perform a business process or user transaction is present

-> Correct content from the user's point of view - quality and accuracy of data

-> Usable results (screens returned after an operation, reports generated, etc., including layout and contents)

-> System performs the business functions as required Accuracy and usefulness and usability of user documentation and proceduresRelease, installation, and configuration management procedures


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