Write a test case for a car, which has been, recently launch in a market to check its durability, fuel efficiency and its optimum speed.

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1.check whether the car is moving on high speed while driving in plain

2.Check whether the car is giving how much kilometres per litre in different locations such as plain,mountain,slope
3.Check whether the car is fully controlable speed when we are driving the car at very high speed

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Harsh Vardhan Agrawal

  • Sep 3rd, 2013

1)Check the design of the car compared to other cars of the same price range.

2)Check features provided in the car compared to other cars of the same price range.

3)Check whether the features provided inside are working fine.

a)power windows
d)music system
e)central locking
f)lights,horn,wipers,gear lever,brakes,accelerator,clutch
g)check the odometer and tachometer needle and verify with a gauge.

4)Drive it in conditions like
to check mileage,clutch,gear,acceleration

5)Drive at fairly high speed and slow down to check brakes,steering,control

Positive test case:

Open gate->Get inside(see if the roof does not hit your hear, should not be too low)->Close gate(no screeching sound should be present)->Check all buttons on dash to work fine(Also check power windows)->Check Music Player and its controls->Start car and drive normally to see hear any defect->stop->Open door->Exit->close door

Negative test cases:

Start the car->Test the AC for cool air,dust,water->Start driving->Check for Shock absorbers on rough patches->control over high speeds and check->mileage should me as prescribed by the company.Stop very quickly to check brakes->Open door->Exit->close door

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  • Oct 7th, 2015

press keys-> open door -> sit inside -> close door -> lock door.

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