What is Capacity Testing?

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 Testing how well software performs in a particular hardware/software/operating system/network environment and different combinations. if am wrong pls correct me..

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  • Feb 19th, 2011

Capacity testing occurs when you simulate a surge in the number of users stressing a web application's hardware infrastructure. 

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Capacity testing is done to know the capacity of the system under test.
For example how much transaction it can handle, how many users it can handle at the same time, etc.
In short it resembles stress testing and load testing.

Capacity testing stresses the system to know what is the capacity of the system under test.


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Dillip Palai

  • Apr 17th, 2012

Testing to determine the maximum users a computer or set of computers can support.

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Sujata Majumdar

  • Sep 4th, 2014

capacity testing is conducted in conjunction with capacity planning, which is used to plan for future growth as increased user base or increased volume of data.it provides information about how work load cab be meet business requirement.

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