What is difference between JOBLIB and JCLLIB?

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  • Jul 5th, 2007

jcllib: when job is submitted, JCL will check the JCL syntax error is there or not inside a sys1.
proclib: if there is no error is being transferred to a output queue via conversion, where jobs waiting for execution
joblib: if a job is submitted in JCL ,if a program get terminated during the execution of job time, it will get get abend, joblib is basically used to check whether job is there is not, after at which step the program get terminated it will restart by using the syntax  step proc.name

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JOBLIB DD statement specifies the private library that the system needs to search to obtain the program named in each of the EXEC statements PGM parameters. Only if the program is not found in the private, the system searches in the system libraries.

JCLLIB statement species the private library that the system needs to search to obtain
(a) the procedures (PROCS) named in the EXEC statement
(b) the Groups of JCL statements (called INCLUDE groups) named on any INCLUDE statements

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  • Oct 4th, 2007

joblib is a default load library for all the jobsteps while jcclib is the loadlib that contains catalogued procedures.

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