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What is the difference between Object oriented and structured programming ?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: May 10th, 2007
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Answered On : Nov 27th, 2007

In object oriented programmin functions are independent whereas struct prog are function dependent and hence reusability is not possible...

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Answered On : May 19th, 2008

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The main difference between both is in struc-prog the flow of program execution is based on the structure of the program written... but in oop the program basic entity is object.. object is created , which help in execution of the program....In Structured Language, there is more dependency between the variables and the program like a chain...Where as OOPs it is even though dependent, still it's modular.Structured Language is commandline friendly, OOPs is user(Developer) friendly.

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Answered On : Jan 30th, 2009

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It isn't usually a difference in the language itself, but actually a difference in how the programming is done and documented. A procedural approach would be to get the thing coded and working, step by step, coding each step as you go, usually from scratch. Especially with old programming languages and really long programs, it can be hard to go back and follow what is going on. Object oriented programming's major difference is documenting pieces of code, and being able to go back and re-use them. Even in a really long program, because of the organization and documentation... it is easier to follow along about what is happening.

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Answered On : Aug 7th, 2011

C is an example for structural language and c++ is an example for object oriented language.....

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Answered On : Aug 19th, 2011

The main difference is that structured programming deals with the flow of execution, and not, primarily, with the data. The mathematical basis for structured programming has to do with the elimination of arbitrary jumps (GOTOs) in favor of code blocks and functions. In particular, "information hiding" as it relates to data isn't fully developed in structured programming; structured programming has to do with the organization of the code, rather than the data, and pure structured programming passes data around in the form of function arguments (conceptually, "on the stack").

In contrast, object oriented programming primarily deals with data issues. The object/class paradigm promotes clean, flexible organization of data in the same way that structured programming promotes clean, flexible organization of code. In a pure object oriented approach, the flow of program execution is treated as bits of behavior associated with the packets of data that are "objects".

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