What are the Roles & Responsibilities of Functional Consultant in FICO?

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In one word, FI Functional Consultant is the interface between the  enduser and the SAP. He has to understand the functional requirement of the user, make it validate for the SAP and work accordingly. Summriliy, responsibitiity of FI CO Consultant includes:
understanding the business requirement f the organisation
Preparation of Blue print for implementing the project.
implementaion of the project.
validate the reports requiements
validate any changes in customise.
providing training to enduser.
sorting out day to day queries of end users.
enhancement of the SAP for end user based on requiement.

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  • Mar 11th, 2008

Main responsibilties are
1. Attending meetings with the client.

2. Gathered Information on their current business processes and prepare a document on that which is nothing but As-Is process.

3. Gathered information on their business requirements, and prepare a document on that which is nothing but To-Be process.

4. Mapping the source data element for each data element in the target environment, which is nothing but Data Mapping.

5. Finding the gap between As-Is and To-Be processes, which is nothing but Gap Analysis.

6. And prepare a document on the requirements gathered during workshops which is nothing but Business Blueprint.

7. Based on this technical people implement business processes.

8. Invoived in Functional testing and Integration Testing.

9. Configured Global settings and Enterprise structure settings.

10. Configured G/L, A/P, A/R, Asset Accounting.

11. Prepared End user training Document.

12. Preparing  workflow which is nothing but sequnce of business processes flow to complete the project within defined scope, budget and time. This provide settings and guidelines  to other consultants  based on that they do further changes.

13. Production support after Go Live.

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  • Feb 11th, 2015

please tell me support project roles and resopncesilibites?

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deepali pandit

  • May 5th, 2015

hello sir/mam,
i am BCS in 1999. Before 2 year i have done certified course in SAP B1. In between i worked in account field for 8 yr. But now i realised that i m not interested in accounting. But interested in development (quaries). So plz give mi advice for in which domain i should do job in SAP B1 as consultant?

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