What is the difference between a candidate key and a primary key?

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  • May 12th, 2007

Candidate key is a Unique Key and it can be used to find out any purticular Tuple(row) in a table..
a Primary key is also a Candidate Key...

But these are the diff..
1)on a table we can have only 1 primary key but 'N' number of unique keys.
2)Unique key can be null but not a Primary key


  • Sep 16th, 2011

Primary key-Primary is assign to that column whose values should be unique
Example-- roll no column in a class table there can be 2 person with same name so this column cannot be primary key because all value should be unique but the roll will be given unique to every student.

Unique key-The logic is same the value should be unique but the vale can be null but in primary key the value cannot be null.

Candidate key-There will be possibilities where 2 column may be unique but we can assign only one primary key so the other column is the candidate key as it can also be the primary key.

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  • Sep 28th, 2011

The main purpose of candidate key : from candidate key the user can choose the best primary key,we can have multiple candidate key but only one primary key

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Primary key defines the uniqueness of a row. there should be no null value in primary key.

The keys which are opt for primary key known as candidate keys. In a table candidate keys are the candidates for the primary key. Hence the selected one is called primary key and the remaining ones are called as alternate keys.

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ashok panguluri

  • Feb 11th, 2012

Primary key: The key which is unique and not allow the null values nothing but primary key. Each table contain only one primary key.

Candidate key: The key which is opt for the primary key is nothing but candidate key, the table can contain number of candidate key as per requirement.

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