What is the difference between a Purchase Order (PO) and Sales Order?

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  • May 10th, 2007

Sales order is which customer want or list of item's that customer want. It can be billable or non-billable

Purchase order is order used for fufilled requisitions. i.e Get item's from supplier.

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purchase order is a document which is sent to the supplier reffering the items which are required.

salesorder is an approval document used by suppliers.it is given by the higher authority in suppliers  to the concerned person who suplies to the received purchase order

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  • Sep 9th, 2010

In business or commerce, an order is a stated intention, either spoken or written, to engage in a commercial transaction for specific products or services. From a buyer's point of view it expresses the intention to buy and is called a purchase order. From a seller's point of view it expresses the intention to sell and is referred to as a sales order. When the purchase order of the buyer and the sales order of the seller agree, the orders become a contract between the buyer and seller.

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  • Feb 21st, 2015

Purchase order is prepared nby the buyer to request the supplier for supplying the needed products. whereas the Sales order is one that assures the supply of required products by the buyer or as per the purchase order given by the buyer.

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  • Jun 13th, 2016

Sales order is raised by sales department based on costumer requirements. Purchase dept raises purchase order based on inventory requirements to satisfy the sales order.

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