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What is DTSi technology?

Asked by: anoop4real | Member Since Mar-2007 | Asked on: Apr 13th, 2007

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Answered On : May 15th, 2007

DTSI stands for Digital Twin Spark Plug Ignition. The vehicles with DTSI Technology use 2 spark plugs which are controlled by digital circuit. It results in efficient combustion of air fuel mixture.

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Answered On : Dec 11th, 2008

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DTSI is digital twin spark ignition engine. It uses two spark plug instead of one in ordinary engine. The concept behind that is to reduce the unburnt fuel inside the engine cylinder thereby increasing the power.

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Answered On : Aug 24th, 2009

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DTSI - Digital Twin Spark Ignition Technology. We know that in petrol engine we require spark plugs to initiate ignition of A/F mixture. In DTSI instead of one sparkplug we have two plugs. More over when these sparkplugs should initiate the spark is determined by microcomputers. In India it was Bajaj who are having patents for their 150-220CC bikes.

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Answered On : Jul 12th, 2010

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See the full form of DTSI is " Digital Twin Spark Ignition".As it is for spark ignition so it will be applicable for only petrol engines. This technology is used for the efficient combustion of the charge (i.e air-fuel mixture). In it we use " two spark plugs" so that the fuel is ignited properly, for maximum economy and efficiency. Digital - Since the spark generation will be initiated by a microchip. Twin - Since two spark plugs will be used. Spark ignition - Since the ignition will be done via a spark.

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Answered On : Jul 18th, 2011

In the world of new high speed cars and bikes to achieve maximum engine power, top fuel efficiency and minimum emission levels during all type of operating condition. The digital spark ignition is the best alternative for conventional ignition control. Computerized control gives accurate timing for all operating condition. At the same time use of two spark plug improves thermodynamic efficiency and power available.

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Mihir Patel

Answered On : Jul 22nd, 2011

Digital Twin Spark Ignition (DTS-i) technology is a brand new automobile engine technology gives a brilliant combination of power & mileage together.

In DTS-i system with swirl induction the rate of ignition timing is better control &fuel is ignited as much as possible, over all it increases the total thermal efficiency of the engine.

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mayank kukrety

Answered On : Jul 23rd, 2011

Dear friend,
dtsi- it is digital twin spark ignition.
dtssi- it is digital twin swirl spark ignition.
nowadays dtssi is also quite popular since it gives better turbulence inside the engine for the circulation of charge.
because of this swirling motion there is rapid mixing and combustion. as a result physical and chemical delay in combustion is less. and most important of all less tendency of knocking in si engine.

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Answered On : Aug 5th, 2011

Dtsi is stand for digital twin spark ignition this tech. is introduced by BMW F650 1995-97...but BAJAJ AUTO is implementing in Two wheeler in PULSER from 2003..this tech, is used to burn complete fuel air mix.

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DTS-i means digital twin spark ignition.basically,this technology introduces usage of two spark plugs which are having approx. 90 degree angle which ensures complete fuel combustion as well as better fuel economy.The idea basically invented to burn complete fuel which especially does not occurs as in case of conventional two wheelers.

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Rodrigues sharma

Answered On : Nov 29th, 2012

DTSi is the technology only available in BAJAJ automobiles.
DTSi means Digital Twin Spark ignition.
This is better technology to get more efficiency in motor bikes and also get good consumption of fuel.

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lavi bhardwaj

Answered On : Oct 20th, 2013

Dtsi(digital twine spark ignition )engine
is used for better combustion of air and fuel is only available in bajaj automobiles.

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