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What are the types of  TRIGGERS ?

 1. Navigational Triggers.   2. Transaction Triggers.
Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Sep 9th, 2004
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Answered On : Mar 31st, 2006

Block ProcessingInterface

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Trigger in Forms are totaly differ from trigger in oracle.Forms trigger:  base on 1.  mouse navigation   2. key navigation  3. Transactional   4. othersoracle trigger: database tigger ( 13) and application trigger

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Nitin Gaur

Answered On : Jul 2nd, 2007

There  are two types of trigger. First Row Level and Second Statement Level. Further trigger is divided based on timing as BEFORE and AFTER. Moreover, based on events trigger is divided as INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.So, total number of triggers are:(3 (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) * 2 (BEFORE, AFTER) * 2 (ROW LEVEL, STATEMENT LEVEL)) + 1 (INSTEAD OF ) = 13 Basically, above text are about database transaction trigger.

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Answered On : Jan 8th, 2008

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If you are talking about the triggers in forms-6i. There are 2 types of triggers namely FORM LEVEL TRIGGER, BLOCK LEVEL TRIGGERFORM LEVEL TRIGGER fires to that particular form only BLOCK LEVEL TRIGGER fires to the entire block ie datablock

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Actually there r 3 levels of triggers1)formlevel  2)block level  3) item leveland types of triggers r1 activex triggers2 block processing triggers3 interface event triggers4 key triggers5master detail triggers6 message handling triggers7 mouse event triggers8navigation triggers9 on triggerspost triggerspre triggersquery time triggersstored  procedure triggerstransactional triggersvalidation triggerswhen triggers

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kishor s pawar

Answered On : Mar 17th, 2008

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Pre triggers,post triggers,when trigger,transactional trigger,validation triggers,key triggerskishor

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