How is Workspace used in Sybase?

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Workspaces are special tables in dbccdb that store intermediate results of the dbcc checkstorage operation.

Workspaces differ from worktables in that they: 
--  Are preallocated contiguously to improve I/O performance
-- Are persistent
-- Do not reside in the tempdb database

When you create dbccdb, two workspaces are created automatically. They are preallocated as follows: 

1) Scan workspace – contains a row for each page of the target database. The allocation is approximately 1 percent of the database size. Each row consists of a single binary(18) column.
2) Text workspace – contains a row for each table in the target database that contains text or image columns. The size of this table depends on the design of the target database, but it is usually significantly smaller than the scan workspace. Each row consists of a single binary(22) column.

You must have at least one scan and one text workspace, but you may create as many as you need. While in use, the workspaces are locked so that only one dbcc checkstorage operation can use them at any given time.

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