What is the difference between ASP and ASP.NET?

ASP is interpreted. ASP.NET Compiled event base programming.
Control events for text button can be handled at client javascript only. Since we have server controls events can handle at server side.
  More error handling.

• ASP .NET has better language support, a large set of new controls and XML based components, and better user authentication.
• ASP .NET provides increased performance by running compiled code.
• ASP .NET code is not fully backward compatible with ASP.
• ASP .NET also contains a new set of object oriented input controls, like programmable list boxes, validation controls.
A new data grid control supports sorting, data paging, and everything you expect from a dataset control.
The first request for an ASP.NET page on the server will compile the ASP .NET code and keep a cached copy in memory. The result of this is greatly increased performance.
ASP .NET is not fully compatible with earlier versions of ASP, so most of the old ASP code will need some changes to run under ASP .NET. To overcome this problem, ASP .NET uses a new file extension ".aspx". This will make ASP .NET applications able to run side by side with standard ASP applications on the same server.

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  • Jan 16th, 2006

To summarize the points of differences are as follows:

  1. Code behind in asp.net allows separation of business logic from UI, which is not possible in asp.
  2. ASP.Net uses ADO.Net objects which are represented using XML, and hence they are lightweight and can travel through firewalls. ASP uses ADO recordsets which are binary COM objects, heavier than ADO.Net counterparts and cannot travel through firewalls.
  3. ASP.Net supports object oriented programming. ASP is procedural.
  4. ASP.Net is compiled and hence performs better. ASP is pure scripting and hence interpreted at the time of page load.
  5. ASP.Net has caching and exception handling which is not available with ASP.

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