Why is whitebox testing called as glass box testing?

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  • Nov 27th, 2007

Through the glass everything is visible. while you do whitebox testing , you can see the code and test it . but in blackbox testing, coding will not come into picture.(through blackbox we can't see anything, so the name black box) Since the code is visible in whitebox testing ,it is callled glass box testing

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Hi ! In white box testing we test to verify that evry executable line is producing the desired result and is getting executed at least once.

For this, a compleet picture of code i.e all the functions,paths,structures etc. should be clear in front of us. All the conditions and loops are tried at least once. This requirement seems to follow the characteristics of a glass because through glass we can see evrything.....

So we can call white box testing as glass box testing since former follows the principles and features of later.

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