How many parts are present in HTML documents?

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  • Jul 30th, 2007

A basic html document consists of



You can include no.of functions,tags inside body or head element.

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  • Feb 9th, 2010

An HTML 4 document is composed of three parts:

  1. A line containing HTML version information,
  2. A declarative header section (delimited by the HEAD element),
  3. A body, which contains the document's actual content. The body may be implemented by the BODY element or the FRAMESET element.

White space (spaces, newlines, tabs, and comments) may appear before or after each section. Sections 2 and 3 should be delimited by the HTML element.

Here's an example of a simple HTML document:

      <TITLE>My first HTML document</TITLE>
      <P>Hello world!

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