How do you test pencil. without any damage to pencil and find where the pencil lead broken.

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  • Aug 25th, 2007

To Test any scenario your approach should be analysis, here the object in test is a Pencil , the functionality to test is the Lead, whether its broken or not,

now check thru th eproperties of the Pencil lead --- > !! it made of graphite !!
so ??
Graphite is conductor of electricity !! surprised or its ringing some old school bells !!

so you simply , have electricity pass thru the pencil lead , if the bulb at the pther end glows , man your pencil is ready to launch !!!

- Happy Testing :)

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  • Mar 19th, 2008

It is a good idea to check the pencil broken lead by passing current in that. If two broken leads are just touched then also electricity can pass through that. What about  testing these leads? If you look into this scenario then can you guarantee that the pencil leads are not broken ?

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  • Sep 6th, 2009

I will ask for functional spec :-)

1.The main aim of pencil is writing, so I will check whether I am able to write on paper.
2.Check whether I am able to sharpen it using sharpner.
3.Check the color and design of pencil (UI testing)
4.Check whether I am able to erase the pencil impression with eraser.
5.I will sharpen again and break the graphite edge again and again and see whether the graphite is present until the end (Performance testing)

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  • Apr 20th, 2010

Firstly great performance test case given by the above guy.

a. Color is attractive (any images)
b. Wood is outside and graphite lead is inside.
c. By def, the pencil should not be sharpened
d. Check whether we have any attached eraser to it.

Func :
a. Length and breath as per spec
b. Lead is writing properly(Black and easy to read)
c. Test when erased
d. Easy to sharpen 
e. If eraser is attached porperly
 f. If the attached eraser is erasing properly.

Find the end to which the pencil is not sharpened and navigate to other end, if we try to write with the sharpened end, we can find the place where the lead is broken.

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