The following entries appear in the WORKING-STORAGE SECTION: 01 DATE-TODAY. 05 YY PIC XX VALUE "90". 05 MM PIC XX VALUE "12". 05 DD PIC XX VALUE :31". 01 DATE-EDIT PIC XX/XX/XX. MOVE DATE-TODAY TO DATE-EDIT. (a) 901231 (b) 90/12/31 (c) 31/12/90 (d) 311290

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Sumit Kumar

  • Sep 21st, 2011

a)901231 because datatypes we have is in form refering pics clause are x for alphanumeric,9 for integer and a for alphabet.

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  • Sep 28th, 2011

(a) 901231

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  • Feb 18th, 2015

b) 90/12/31

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  • Mar 20th, 2015

None of the above, the compiler would reject the invalid literal :31" - if however this was a typo then the answer would be "B" 90/12/31

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  • Jul 15th, 2015

A. 901231

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  • Nov 5th, 2015


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Anitha R

  • Nov 13th, 2015

b) 90/12/31

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