What is exploratory testing and ad hoc testing.

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i think exploratory testing is testing where testers are not much aware of requirements and apllication. So he explore the application by using it in different concern.
     Same does the ad hoc testing but the difference is that in exploratory we make test plan and in ad hoc testing we do dot make test plans.

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  • Mar 12th, 2007

According to me exploratory testing is done to explore the application and is done to get the knowledge of the application. In this user tries to understand the application as well as  functionalities of application.

While adhoc testing is the process to check the functionality RANDOMLY. It is also know as monkey testing. In this the aim is to find the defects by performing different operations randomly. While doing this the tester is aware of expected results which is not the case with exploratory testing.

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Exploratory Testing:-

Exploratory testing is a type of testing in which the domain exports will perform the testing on the application to explore the functionality since they do not have the proper requirement document support....

Adhoc Testing:-

Adhoc Testing is a type of testing in which the Test Engineer will perform the testing on the application in his own style after understanding the requirements...

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