What is  Restricted Mode of Instance Startup ?

An  instance  can be started in (or later altered to be in) restricted mode so  that  when  the  database is open connections are limited only to those whose  user  accounts  have  been  granted  the  RESTRICTED  SESSION system privilege.

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  • Dec 4th, 2005

When the database is started in restricted session mode, only users(such as those with roleDBA) with the system privilege RESTRICTED SESSION can connect to the database. Use the restricted mode when performing maintenance or when you want certain users to be able to log in.

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  • Dec 15th, 2005

To Enable Restricted Session

Alter system enable restricted session;

To Disable Restricted Session

Alter system disable restricted session;

To Start the Database in Restricted Mode


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Mohammed Abdul Afroze

  • Mar 25th, 2007


 An Instance Can be started in restricted mode.So,that when the db is open connections are limited to only those user accounts have been granted restricted session system privilege.

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  • Oct 25th, 2007

RESTRICT is one of an important option used with an open database.
It performs a database startup with the database in the restricted user mode. User must having the privileges of RESTRICT, usually it is used by DBA's only.

It is used for database maintenence allowing only DBA's to connect and disallowing general user population activity.

We can change this mode by using the

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Restricted mode comes into picture when your taking backup and maintance activites. In the restricted mode no user is allowed to access..
Bring the database to mount , that it will makes Restricted mode active.

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