What is the difference between beans and hibernate(which one is good)?

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  • Feb 6th, 2007

Beans are at form level and hibernate at data base level.

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venugopal Darur

  • Feb 12th, 2007

Hibernate adapts beansIts plain old Java objects. POJOHibernate als has a bean orientation.But the Bean is just not persistent, usng hibernate you can make a bean persistent.A bean when used in Hibernate It can create a table ,Add a row,Delete a rowUpdate row.THis is all done with Hib Configuration stuff.Hibernate is ORM as it can relate a bean to a row in a table

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Pramod Reddy Doma

  • Mar 14th, 2007

Its is one of the most popular ORM technology available to date in the market.

Hibernate uses POJO classes for handling persistence, these classes need to adhere normal bean writing ( not enterprise beans)  rules.

The same mapping can be used for different database server by just switching the delegate and driver details in hibernate.cfg.xml file.

This comes with its own framework , we need not require an application server to deploy and test it . We can run as a normal java program .It has some built in utilities which reduces application development time .

Java programmers now need not worry about SQL now .

It even  comes with its own transaction management utility.

If we go for beans i.e., enterprise beans . Now java programmers need to handle  the persistence managament using JDBC . SQL is not  an easy for all the programmers. Atleast programmers need to integrate the queries written by the DBA's . Enterprise beans provides CMP but the overhead here is we need to have the Application Server for its deployment and we are forced to use the EntityBeans for this reason an d which might be an overhead in some of the applications .

We have more differences and advantages of hibernate over beans for further reference please reffer to Hibernate site


and find the forums at the following link

SSD , Accenture Bangalore

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Sony V George, Aztecsoft

  • Apr 4th, 2007

Its is one of the most popular ORM technology available to date in the market.

Java bean is a simple resuble component. There is no persistency on bean hibernate provides the service to make the bean persistent so that we can make use of it. In hibernate the POJO(Plain java object). represent the DB table.

We are giving the object oriented view using POJO.

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