What is the difference between database refresh and database cloning

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  • Jun 14th, 2007

Essentially both are same, however one may adopt different methods for doing it. Database refresh can be done using DB utilities like RMAN, backup/restore scripts or even exp/imp whereas database cloning may involve automated scripts for cloning a target DB from a source database.

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  • Nov 13th, 2007

Generally a database refresh is done on the same server. A database refresh is just like defragmentation in windows so that the space can be utilized more efficiently and performance also improves since the data of a segment is brought into a single extent.

Generally cloning is done on 2 servers, one will have the database and the other will be used for creatng the clone database. here we are creating a replica of the current database whereas in database refresh we're just refreshing the current database.

Plz tell me if i'm wrong.

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  • Feb 17th, 2010

Database refresh is normally done for Test/DEV databases during development and test phases of App Development, where latest production cut of database is taken and applied on these environments.

Cloning is creating replica of already existing databases on the same/different target hosts. Cloning doesn't necessarily involve copying Oracle Home. Database can also be cloned on the same machine.

Hope this makes sense.


  • Aug 18th, 2011

There is little diff between them. First we clone the d.b totally(homepath,datafiles,data.....etc) from Prod to Test, where as in D.B Refresh we just refresh the additional data which is in prod to test

For ex: CLONE ----> from Prod (50gb) to Test(50gb)
REFRESH ---> after cloing some data is added in PROD to 5g.b(50gb+5gb) where as we refreshing that 5g.b data to test d.b


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  • Oct 11th, 2011

Whats the process of refresh ? ( I mean steps). Do you export/import or we take a differential backup and restore on test DB ? Any links to an article will be of great help.

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