Do we save the changes in Exploratory Testing?

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  • Apr 7th, 2007

 ONly domain expert will perform exploratory testing.

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Which document we are going to save? Test Plan or Test Case Doc or something

As a tester if requirements are not there then we will do exploratory testing.
for the sake we will regularly approach team members, developers, managers, BA
for better understanding of the application and based on the understanding we
will prepare test plan and later test case document. there might be
misunderstanding that might be changed in respective documents by rectifying


  • Oct 14th, 2011

Your question is say changes on one hand and then testing on the other. did you mean changes to the application you are performing exploratory testing?

Please be clear even if you have to write a paragraph. Today it may be you who is looking for an answer but tomorrow there may be other people. The q&A should help all including you. :)

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