What is the difference between Aggregate Awareness and Index Awareness? Where are they used and how can be used?

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  • Oct 7th, 2010

Aggregate awareness: First understand the usage of aggregate awareness. information is store in database is in summary form.

instead of recording the date and time each time a certain product is sold, the datawarehouse could store the quantity each hour, each day or each week.

here comes the use of aggregation which is used in 2 ways.
1) to save the storage space : use of aggregate greatly reduces the space
2) to improve the performance of BI tool: when queries run they take less processing time and users get their information quickly.

Index awareness: Ability to take advantage of the indexes on key column to speed data retrieval.

you set up index awareness in designer, you tell designer which database columns are primary key and foreign key.

select particular object oper the properties of object, open 'keys' tab.click insert and add respective primary key and foreign key.

Designer generate SQL that filters in the most efficient way using index awareness.

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