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what is BRds/FRS/SRS in testing. what these document contains

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Answered On : Jan 22nd, 2007

As of my knowledgeBRD is the Buisness Requirement Documet/FRS is the Functional Requirement Specification------In intial phase of SDLC ,requirements gathering from customer and prepares the BRD by Business Analyst's.Next in Analysis phase System Analysts analyze the BRS and  prepare the SRS (System Requirement Specification). It contains Feasibilty study, Technolgy decision, Resource planing...e.t.c...These documents common for devolping and testing.If this is wrong Let me know the correct answer. 

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Answered On : Nov 27th, 2007

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BRD is a high level documention (means tables) and SRS/FRS is Low level documention (use case diagrams).

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