What are the components of Physical database structure of Oracle Database?.

ORACLE database is comprised of three types of files. One or more Data files, two are more Redo Log files, and one or more Control files.

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  • Oct 8th, 2005

the phycial structures of the database are 1.datafile2.redologfile3.control filedatafile:- datafile contains actial data of the database.redologfile:- it contains all changes done to the data base.it works in the circular fashion.controlfile:- it contains status and structure of the database.

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  • Dec 29th, 2005

Oracle database physical structure contains

  1. Data files -- always occupy the declared size on the hard disk irrespective of the rows contained in them (.dbf). The data files contain
    • Data blocks -- smallest unit of I/O. each block contains a header
    • ROWID -- two byte pseudo column to identify phsical location of a row
    • Table clusters -- tables which are often used together in queries are physically grouped in same data block. Cluster tables are joined on 'cluster key' which identifies the common column between the two tables.
  2. Online redo log files (.rdo and .arc)
  3. Control files -- contain one slot per data file declared for a database. Also contain other configuration parameters. (.ctl)
  4. Password files.
  5. sidALTR.log files -- log critical failures
  6. Trace files -- saves user session traces (.trc)


  • Feb 16th, 2006

mainly consist of 3 files1) control file2)redolog file3)data filecontrol file-contain current status of the datafiles , redolog file. contain location of datafile and control file.redolog file- records all the changes made to the database.log writer writes the redo enries from the redolog buffer to the redolog file.datafile-

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  • Apr 2nd, 2006

  Physical database components are :  Database files  , control files &  Redo log files.

  Database files : Contains actual data & which is very largre files.

 Control files  :  contains inforrmation regarding database files &  it records the changes makes to  database files.

Redolog files : When every changes makes to databases , it records into Redolog files . 




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manish hoiyani

  • Sep 14th, 2006

physical structures  consist of three core database files

1> datafile... used to store the actual data in the database.

2> redologfile.. stores all changes which are to made in the database. oracle

keeps two redolog files in the db. in separate disk,, so that during disk failure

 we can recover the database.

3> controlfile.. which stores the physical location of the datafile,  stores the scn for each and every update in datafile and redolog file..  we can also recover the database from control file also....

Mohammed Abdul Afroze

  • Sep 18th, 2007

The components of a Physical Structure of a Database are as Follows:

1.Control Files
2.Redolog Files
3.Data Files.

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  • May 5th, 2015

components of a physical database structure are 1.datafiles 2.redolog files 3.control files 4. archivelogs

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Harshad Khuspe

  • Dec 27th, 2015

Components of Physical Databases are Oracle files which are in disk. i.e. Datafiles, Online Redolog files, Archive log files, Parameter file, Password File, Controlfile etc.

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  • Feb 14th, 2018

Use DBMS_CRYPTO for encrypt and decrypt the objects

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