If anyone asks in interviews, about "what are the types of triggers" then my ans is likerow level,statement level,before,after,insert,update,delete 3*2*2 total 12 types.and can i even mention instead of triggers,database trigger and schema triggers

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Pawan Ahuja

  • Dec 3rd, 2006

there are three types of triggers in pl/sql

1.)DML triggers

2.)instead of triggers

3.)system event triggers


Pawan Ahuja

Sagar Sai

  • Feb 4th, 2007

Hi,There are 3 types of triggers available in the Database. They are 1.DML Triggers :- These are again 12 types like .. Before INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE and After INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE these 6 triggers are statement level and remaining 6 triggers for each row triggers. 2. Instead of Trggers :- These triggers can be written in Complex views.3. System triggers :- These triggers are high level triggers. like After login, Before Shutdown etc...Regards,Sagar Sai

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