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what is the difference between String and StringBuffer?

Asked by: ramesh_etta | Member Since Nov-2006 | Asked on: Nov 10th, 2006

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 The methods in string class are not sychronized.Where as the methods of the StringBuffer class can be synchronized .

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Srikanth Rao

Answered On : Nov 13th, 2006

1.String Class is inMutable, and StringBuffer is Mutable2.String Class Don't have append Method

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Answered On : Nov 16th, 2006

1)string and string buffer both implements charecter sequence interface,but strings r immutable and string buffers r mutable2)string buffers works fast for concatenation operations bcz it has append method init

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rajendra babu

Answered On : Nov 17th, 2006

The main diff. b/w string and stringbuffer is string is immutable(cannot change the content)stringbuffer is mutable(can change the content)

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Answered On : Nov 18th, 2006

Strings and string buffer classes are final classes in java.string buffer s have some data manipulation methods are available .in strings are not.string buffer is faster than the string.string s are immutable objects (contents of the objects cant be modified)string buffere s are mutable objects(contents of the objects can be modifies).bbye cheerschinnu

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Answered On : Nov 23rd, 2006

String                                           StringBuffernot sychronized                     SynchronizedImmutable                             mutable

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Answered On : Nov 29th, 2006

String StringBuffer1) String is immutable. 1)StringBuffer is muatable.2)String is Synchronised

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String is an class and its objects are constt.String Buffer is anotehr class and is  better than string  since it saves time and memory. String buffer includes all functions of string class ,also it has one more fn,i.e sb.reverse();String objects are constt ,what it means is that the CONTENTS OF String instance cannot b changed after it has been created.This is not with StringBuffer instance.bye

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Answered On : Jan 11th, 2007

1.String is immutable               --  StringBuffer is not.2. String is not threadsafe        -- StringBuffer is thread safe3. String has concat() for append character   -- StringBuffer has append() method4. while you create String like, String str = new String(); --> it create 2 object 1 on heap and 1 on "String Constant pool" and that refered by str               --- That's not in StringBuffer , it Create 1 object on heap5. String is most commanly use in java applications     ---- Mostly used in I/O functions.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As for Java 5 new class was added -- StringBuilder , that has same functionlity as StringBuffer but it is not thread safe.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Simmilarity is that .... Both are final class

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Answered On : Oct 12th, 2007

Strings are immutable that means we cann't change the content or data. Where in the case of StringBuffer we can change the data or content that are presented in that.

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Answered On : Feb 22nd, 2008

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One majar diff also is string obj are immutable where as string buffer objects are mutable  

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