Write test case on w"yahoo mail website"

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  • Nov 13th, 2006

a) To verify that when we click mail button whether it list all the compose and check mail etc options or not

b) To verify that when we click check mail option in the mail list whether it takes u to inbox page or not

c) To verify that when u click the inbox whether it displays u r received mails or not

d) To verify when u click the compose option in the mail button whether it takes u to compose page where u can compose and send mails

e) To verify that after writing message when u click send whether it sending the file to address where u wants.

f) To verify if u give wrong id whether it gives failure notice or not

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Hi Rajkumar,

Ur answer is correct but a small mistake is that after clicking the mail button we get login page. so that first we need to verify login page.

login page test cases:

Verify username

Verify password

Verify if either username or password incorrect whether it gives u an error msg or not?

Verify login operation.

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1.Check whether firstname field accept only alphabets

2.Check whether last name field accept only alphabets

3.Check firstname last name cannot accept other than alphabets - negative

4.Check the login name field accept only alphabets numerics and special 
characters except dot.

5.Check whether the desired login name is created only when it displays specific 
name is available.

6.Check whether desired login name cannot be created with existing login name - 

7.Check password accept more than 8 characters 

8.Check password cannot accept less than 8 characters - negative

9.Check the password and re-enter password field be the matched

10.Check it display a message when password and re-enter password mismatches - 

11.Check whether you can view the security question

12.Check whether answer field cannot be null.

13.Verify whether secondary mail field entered with valid id

14.Verify whether your location is present in the location field

15.Verify whether the captcha entered and available is correct.

16.Check every time you refresh or selecting i accept it display a new captcha

17.Check captcha be unique

18.Check captcha is case sensitive

19.Check when i accept is selected it moves to next page

20.Check when any required field is not entered or entered with the wrong values 
it display a message with red color font

Test cases for Sign-In

1.Check whether the username is valid.

2.Check google account is sign in when username and password is correct. 

3.Check it should display a warning message when username and password is in 

4.Check whether you can edit the user name by entering into the current account.

5.Check whether the user name can accept only alphabets.

6.Check whether the user name can accept upto only 8 characters.

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