What is the difference between a Test and a Business Component?Is it necessary to use Business Component while testing an application in the real time?

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  • Dec 15th, 2006

On the basic idea a test is the combination of steps grouped by test cases.

Whether you can run the test (steps) manualy/automated by adding in test lab.

In Business prosess testing the combination of components wil become a test(business process test) Components are easily-maintained, reusable units that perform a specifictask. They are the building blocks of business process tests. Each componentis comprised of several application steps that are logically performedtogether in a specific order. For example, in a Web application, a logincomponent might be comprised of four steps. Its first step could be to openthe application. Its second step could be to enter a user name. Its third stepcould be to enter a password, and its last step could be to click the Submitbutton on the Web page. By creating and calling functions stored in
function libraries, you can enhance the component with additional logic to
test important details of the login task.By design, each component tests a specific part of an application. When combined, components are incorporated into a business process test in a serial flow representing the main tasks performed within a particular business process. The task of creating and running components and business process tests is generally performed by Subject Matter Experts working in Quality Center.

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