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Will Singletone Pattern work in Clustered environment ?

Asked by: sunils | Member Since Sep-2006 | Asked on: Oct 19th, 2006

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Answered On : Nov 3rd, 2006

No. It will not.

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Mannu Kumar Pandey

Answered On : Feb 8th, 2007

Yes, Singleton pattern is a creational pattern and its purpose is that only one instance of a class will be created. That instance can be share in a cluster environment.

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Answered On : Apr 8th, 2007

The Singleton class instance will be never shared in clustered instance. It will be always one instance per JVM.

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Answered On : Jun 14th, 2007

That means applications with singleton class(es) wont work in clustered environment?

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Answered On : Sep 5th, 2007

Singleton pattern wont work in clustered environment. If you want to use it, either you can use JNDI to store the object so that all the jvms have access to same object. OR you can bind the object using RMI.

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Yep we can make the Singleton class synchronized and non clonebale...

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