How do u link a test case with a defect ?

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  • Oct 18th, 2006


good question....  we can link a defect to testcase in two ways..

1. While running ur test cases, if u found any defect we can add defect there itslef by clicking add defect.. then it will display in which folder for which test case u foung defect....

2. After execution is finished... while adding defect in defects tab.. u can specify the path where u found in Subject folder....

If u forget to do any one opiton... its difficult to identify for which test case tes defect is raised....

Thanks and Regds,


Test Engineer

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Dileep Kumar.G

  • Oct 29th, 2006

Hi Venu,

It depends on the test case templates, bug tracking tool.

We can have template like,

test case no., description, detail steps, ....P/Fail and after that we can have columns like Build no., Bug id, Execution date. If u execute a test case u have to write the result in the test case document as well as in Bug tracker or Test execution report. So that we can tract it easily.

If u enter any bug in bug tracking tool u'll find an option like Test case ID, in that u can give test case number.


Hi There,
Click on the specific test case you want to link--> Click on Linked Defects-->Select Link Existing defect(It'll appear next to the Add New Defect)-->You Can select (By ID)-->Enter Defect ID which defect you want to link--> Clink on 'Link'...
Hope it'll help to get link your test case to your desired defect...
Thank u. Sudheer.

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  • Oct 14th, 2011

As someone mentioned above, it really depends on the bug tracking and test case (TC) management tools the company is using. If it were an interview you can kindly ask the interviewer to tell you which bug tracking and TC management tools they are using. If he says take an example or excel files. You can mention the test case id can be entered in the bug and vice-verse in excel file scenario. If tools are used and they are not compatible same answer - manually enter the ids. If the tools are compatible or owned by the same vendor (QC, visual studio, bugzilla, JIRA offer integrations with a bunch of tools) so there will be a feature to add ids and the linking will be done by the tool. The concept thrives on "Id entry."

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