Why do we use reusable sequencegenerator transformation only in mapplet?

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  • Nov 16th, 2006

The relation between reusable sequence generator and maplet is indirect.

Reusable Sequence generator are preferably used when we want the same sequence (that is the next value of the sequence) to be used in more than one mapping (may be because this next value loading the same field of same table in different mappings and to maintain the continuity its required)

suppose there are two mappings using a reusable sequence generator and we run the two mappings one by one. here if the last value for the sequence generator for the mapping1 run is 999 then the sequence generator value for second mapping will start from 1000.

this is how we relate reusable sequence generator and maplet.

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  • Jun 11th, 2007


Question is, Are you sure its going to start with the 1000 number after the 999. By default for reusable SEQUENCE, it has a cache value set to 1000, that's why it takes 1000 else if you only have 595 records for the 1st session and automatically the 2nd session will start with 1000 as the sequence number bcos the cache value is set to it.

I got another question.

Is it possible to change Number of Cached Values always to 1 instead of changing it after each time the session/sessions is/are run.


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  • Oct 31st, 2007


The solution provided is correct. I would like to add more information into it.

Reusable Sequence Generator is a must for a Mapplet:

Mapplet is basically to reuse a mapping as such if a non- reusable sequence generator is used in mapplet then the sequence of numbers it generates mismatches and creates problem. Thus it is made a must.

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