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how does three dimensional array works?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Oct 13th, 2006
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Answered On : Oct 17th, 2006

A 3-D array can be considered as an array of a 2-Dimensional array and thats very simple to understand. Consider an example ,say we have an array declaration int A[2][3][2],thats a 3-D array.We need to develop a decoding scheme to interpret the meaning of such declarations.Read it like this: int (A[2])[3][2] (Note the braces) .'A' is an array of 2 elements and these 2 elements are not simple integers as it would have been in the case if 'A' was a 1-D array.Here ,the two elements that 'A' is made up of a 2-D array of dimensions 3*2 .i.e A 3-D array in this case is nothing but a collection of two 2-D arrays in our other words ,we say that 'A' is made of 2 pages ,3 rows and 2 columns each,in all we have total=2*3*2=12 elements in our arraybut this is just a logical explanation ,physically an array be it any dimensional ,is always stored sequentially as memory is Linear.

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Answered On : Nov 13th, 2006

let us take an example     main(){int a[2][2][2];int i,j,k;for(i=0;i<2;i++)  for(j=0;j<2;j++)      for(k=0;k<2;k++)       {           printf("i= %dnj=%dnk=%dnnn ",i,j,k);              printf("enter the value to store at the specified postionn");              scanf("%d",a[i][j][k]);                  }getch();}if u compile and execute the above prg it shows the values of the variables i,j,k  and where it stores.  by this u can make that how the three dimensional array works

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Answered On : Nov 18th, 2006

a 3-d array is collection 2-d arrays as rows.ex: a[2][3][4] means 'a' contains two 2-d arrays of each size [3][4].first subscript 2 indicates that 'a' contains two arrays which have 3-rows and 4-coloumns.

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