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Open interfaces in oracle application 11i module wise?

Asked by: Interview Candidate | Asked on: Oct 10th, 2006
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Answered On : Oct 25th, 2006

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GL 1) Gl Interface using gl_interface (watch out gl_pa_interface and gl_hr_interface new table for 11.5.9 on words)2) GL Budget Interfce using gl_budget_interface3) Currency Interface using GL_daily_rates_interfaceAP 1)Invoice import using ap_invoices_interfaceap_invoice_lines_interface2) AP Expense Report ap_expesne_report_headers_allap_expense_report_lines_all3) No interface exists for AP Payment, if you try to convert legacy paymentBut you will need to populate ap_invoice_checks_All and ap_invoice_payment directly(need to get approval from Oracle opening SR on Metalink)AR 1) Invoice Import using auto invoiceRA_INTERFACE_LINES_ALLRA_INTERFACE_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL2)AR Payement ReceiptAR_PAYMENT_Interface_all3) Customer ImportRA_CUSTOMERS_INTERFACE_ALL4) Sales Tax InterfaceFA 1) FA_MASS_ADDITIONSCash ManagementCE_STatement_headers_int_allCE_statement_lines_interface

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Answered On : Oct 29th, 2006

For POs:Purchasing Documents Open Interface1. PO_HEADERS_INTERFACE2. PO_LINES_INTERFACE3. PO_DISTRIBUTIONS_INTERFACE4. PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS (for recording purchasing validation errors)For Receiving:Receiving Open Interface1. RCV_HEADERS_INTERFACE2. RCV_TRANSACTIONS_INTERFACE3. PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS (for recording receiving validation errors)You may want to refer to document Oracle Manufacturing APIs and Open Interfaces Manual (A88838-01 and A95954-01)

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Answered On : Apr 14th, 2008

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Gl1)gl_interface2)gl_budget_interfaceRa Customer1)ra_customers_interface_all2)ra_contact_phones_int_all3)ra_customer_profiles_int_allRa Invoices1)ra_interface_lines_all2)ra_interface_distributions_all3)ra_interface_salescredits_allAP Invoicesap_invoices_interfaceap_invoice_lines_interfaceFAfa_inv_interfacefa_production_interfacefa_mass_additions

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