In the next month i have WIPRO campus.please send the pattern of the written test pattern & abt technical questions.

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  • Jun 28th, 2008

This is Gautam,
MCA student from Nirma University, Ahmedabad.
WIPRO visited our campus for recruiting MCA, MTECH, BE(CE/IT) AND BTECH(CE/IT)
The test comprised of 3 rounds.
1st was the aptitude test consisting of 4 sections==>English,Quant,Reasoning and
Technical(IT Awareness).
For English,Quant and Reasoning prepare from R.S.Aggarwal(that is more than
The Technical Section consisted of questions on C,C++,UNIX,DFS,DBMS,find out
errors,give output,etc.
It was fairly easy.
2nd round was technical interview where they asked all about my academic
projects,favourite subjects,programming,OS,DFS,Networking,DBMS,
asked to design a small database,write some queries based on the database,etc.
Then after clearing the technical round,they gave a HR form to be filled and
then finally the 3rd round was the HR Interview where they asked :
"Tell me about yourself",
"What are your strengths",
"Why should I select you",
"Why do you want to join our company",
"Are you ready to sign the bond/service agreement",etc.
They basically check your confidence and communication skills.

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