What are test cases for Telephone

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  • Sep 26th, 2006

Test cases for telephone:-


Action: check the interface of telephone , here interface means all buttons are available and  should place on proper place.

Expected result: Interface of telephone is correct


Action: check the functionality of each button like press the button redial

Expected result : all the buttons works properly.

TC 3

Action : check the volume level of phone

Expected result. volume level is available in the phone.


Action : randomly enter the long number

Expected result : give some message like no is not valid


Action: check for the ringer

Expected result : Telephone have ringer tone.


Action: check for the dial tone

Expected result : telephone have dial tone


check for the connection


Check at the receiverside he receive the message properly or not.

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Test Case for Telephone

1.Check whether the telephone is connected to the appropriate network
2.Check whether we are receiving the dial a one while we place the receiver to our ear
3.Check whether all the numbers in the dial pad is workingproperly
4.Check whether if any calls comes telephone be beeped
5.Check whether we put the receiver the line be disconnected
6.Check whether while we are speaking in the telephone if we receive another call it should be beeped
7.Check whether the network is geeting without any disturbance
8.Check whether we have theconnectivity unless wepaid the bil

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