What is the need for CSS?

CSS is called as Cascading Style Sheets. This is used to enhance the features of web pages like formatting styles say bold, font size and so on and there by increase the visual appearance of web pages. These are specified inside an HTML tag. The use of CSS reduces time and enhances the web page design. With CSS it is possible to define layout of HTML documents like font, color, margin, line, height, width, images and so on. And another vital factor is CSS is supported by almost all web browsers and thus making it compatible for usage. With HTML one just defines the layout but with CSS added to it only enhances the design of document and thus catches the visual appearance and makes it easier to use for users. Thus the major difference between HTML and CSS will give the need for CSS in short. It is as follows. HTML is a structured content but CSS is used for formatting the structured content. The main need for CSS comes into picture when there was a need for a tool that is supported by all browsers which was achieved by CSS. Not only this in CSS the presentation style of document is separated ort excluded from the content of the document and thus making it much easier for users to understand and there by making it easier for maintenance. Thus in short the major advantages of CSS which led to the need for CSS are given below:

  • Supported by all browsers

  • Many sophisticated techniques available to achieve the formatting

  • Presentation style of document separated from content

  • Easier to Maintain the site

  • Very structured formatted layout achieved.

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  • Nov 30th, 2006

css used to add styles to existing html elements.if you like to change any color or size for any html element ,you can change in one place where css is defined, it will replicate changes to all corresponding html elements instead of changing to all the places.

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  • Dec 7th, 2006

To add to other answers...

The major use of CSS is to reduce redundancy and increase usability. In other words, you only need one style sheet to standardize the look and feel of the website.

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sushi mathew chacko

  • Mar 28th, 2007

If we using CSS for styling  a Site insted of Instyle , in a single edit we can change the look and feel of the site. if our  pages number is  more CSS is necessary

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CSS helps in faster downloading of the pages. Main benefit is that the styles need to be downloaded only once, on the first page the user visits. The style sheet goes into the cache, and thus need not be downloaded again and again for other pages that use that same cached style sheet.

Disadvantages of separating style and content is that complex layouts can be difficult to create. for users inexperienced in writing CSS, complex layouts can be difficult to recreate. Additionally, many browsers render certain CSS rules differently than others, meaning that a layout which looks correct in one browser may look quite different in another.

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